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The right expertise for prompt assignments

The term Expert Placement represents the placement of directors, counsellors or industry experts in companies of different sizes and branches.

Our clients not only need Interim Managers for longer assignments. Often an experienced expert in one business sector is needed in order to advise a certain manager or team and to function as a “sparring partner”. Such an expert is able to initiate possibly necessary changes or he sees himself as a trigger for innovations against the executive board.

A typical case of Expert Placement would be the placement of a traditional board member for a public limited company or a counsellor for a limited liability company. As the past has shown - even in top-level boards of directors, sometimes one particular expertise is missing among the members. Thanks to our substantial and excellent network, we are able to react to inquiries within only a few days and deliver managers who make useful contacts for you and let you profit from their years of experience.

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