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Value of Interim Management

Temporary management is an effective and prompt solution for challenges facing a company with the help of experienced and flexible specialists and experts. – Without the necessity of a long-term commitment, but rather purely result- and project-oriented.

Interim Management offers the following advantages:

  • Speed – Often the assignment is possible within a few days and with minimal (formal) effort for the commissioned business.
  • Experience – Interim Managers are experts in their field. They have already worked for years there. Therefore they are usually overqualified for the assigned position.
  • Results – Every completed project is important for the future success as an Interim Manager. Thus Interim Managers are highly motivated to fulfil their assignment satisfyingly and leave the best possible impression with the client.
  • Knowledge Transfer – Due to their professional experience the Interim Managers have a lot of expertise which they are willing to share with their new team colleagues in the project.  
  • Objectivity – Aside from the necessary sensibility for the individual needs of a client, the Interim Manager will focus on his assignment and avoid political or personal obstacles in a company.
  • Focus – Interim Managers are always measured up to their performance and the completion of the assignment.
  • „Delivery“ – Yes, temporary managers are available as consultants but simultaneously they achieve results and actively integrate themselves operatively.
  • Cost minimization – Interim Managers do not receive compensation, they pay their own health insurance, vacation and pension fund. They only get rewarded when actually working for you.
  • Support – the provider supports you during the entire process.

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