Interim Manager



Interim Manager

There are a number of different business situations that could result in the need for an interim manager. A good interim manager should enjoy the challenge of the different assignments, take great pride in maintaining the highest standards while realising that they are only ever as good as their last job.

Everything becomes more flexible: Corporations have to react to new market forces increasingly fast and precisely and therefore pave the way for a cumulative flexibilisation of work. The opportunities for freelance Interim Managers are better than ever. 

Interim Managers can decide where, for whom and for how long they want to work. They are employed in different companies and have to quickly adapt to new situations. Interim Managers rely on a successful career in a comparable field and continuously develop their professional skills. Additionally they possess the ability to rapidly adjust to various different environments.

Freelancers offer their clients a “product” which they know best themselves, but which is nonetheless not easy to promote. Good Interim Managers know how to utilize their former achievements and how to communicate them positively to their clients. Every completed project is a new reference, which is an important sales-component. In Germany only few Interim mandates are procured by providers such as the Management Angels. So even if providers constitute an important sales channel, personal networks nevertheless are not to be disregarded.

Despite the good perspectives, the decision for the occupation as an Interim Manager should be deliberate. You should bring the following abilities:

  • fast adjustment to new assignments, environments and challenges
  • analytical mindset, decisiveness, targeted and focused on results
  • confident appearance, excellence in self-marketing


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