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The right Interim Manager

The Management Angels offer Interim Managers for all relevant sectors: Executive board/Directors board, business development, key account management/sales, finance/controlling, turn around management, marketing/PR, IT management or human resources. 


We only provide carefully selected, qualified Interim Managers. You can contact us when needed. We pay you a personal visit in order to define together the content outline and the duration of the issue to be solved.

Through us, you can access a strong network of over 1.500 Interim Managers. 600 managers in our pool are the core of the Management Angels. The abilities of these managers are personally familiar to us, after having done several events and projects together. Thus when you have an inquiry we can offer you very promptly a – also regarding personal qualities – adequate Interim Manger from this circle, which you can appoint to the vacant position immediately.

Our managers are outstandingly flexible, innovative, decisive and excellent team players. They have a background in business administration, a minimum of at least 5-10 years of professional experience and are used to working project-oriented and internationally.

With an average of 46 years our Interim Managers are about 10 years younger than the industry-average. In this way, we follow the trend of more and more young executives viewing work as a freelancer, as an adequate alternative to a permanent position and therefore deciding to become Interim Managers. This affirms us in the definition of Interim Management as a completely new job description.

You can get an impression of our Management Angels in our “Angels Gallery”.

We are the only provider who has about 100 Interim Managers in its pool, between the age of 26 and 35. Many of these young Interim Managers have gained their first professional experiences in the New Economy days and used to be in executive positions in business development or marketing. The profiles include young Start-up managers with an affinity towards interactive media, international marketing experts for consumer goods and experienced experts in finance with a background in auditing or venture capital.

By now about one third of all assignments are project management issues or are located in the IT- or Marketing sector.  Particularly our clients in the challenging technology markets are increasingly seeking support for managing complex projects. For this group of companies our pool offers suitable solutions with experts available at short notice.

Many of our Interim Managers see themselves as versatile project managers who can be deployed in various challenging situations. The number of Interim Managers who are specialized in financial restructuring or the build-up of companies may be stable, but other sectors such as marketing, business development, sales or IT-product management are more and more filled interim.

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