Management Trends

In Germany the concept of temporary placement of executives in companies has only spread since the 80s. The constant growth since then has brought about ca. 30 providers of this service.

This exceeds the dimensions of a simple trend and moves towards a standard type of labour, which is also proven by the following tendencies:

In 2050 60% of all employment contracts will be flexible (source: Wirtschaftswoche, 12.2.2007)

  • The market for Interim Managers is growing by 20% each year (source: AIMP, 2005)
  • The continuous flexibilisation of working hours and the necessity for the German industry to adapt to the conditions of globalization by introducing flexible working time models
  • The demand for Interim Managers grew by 20% in 2006 and reached a total volume of €540 Mio
  • In the UK about 25% of all companies already have an extra budget for Interim Management
  • In the UK Interim Management grew by 137% to a total of more than €650 Mio since 2000



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