Our focus

TIMES-markets increasingly integrate Interim Management as a tool and element of personnel structure.

The Management Angels are the first provider with a branch focus in Germany. Since our foundation, a strong focus on the TIMES-markets (Telecommunications, Information Technology, Media, Entertainment and Safety Engineering) proved to be of value. Renowned clients such as 1&1, WEB.DE, Lycos, Deutsche Telekom AG, SAP AG, debitel, Bertelsmann, Oracle, etc. trust us. For these and many other companies our managers completed miscellaneous assignments.

Within the last few years we also established ourselves as a relevant partner in other industry sectors (automobile industry, medical technology, real estate).

Our clients appreciate the specialisation in this sector, as well as our focus on the Interim business. This way we can best relate to our clients needs. Also through the selection of our Interim Managers from diverse channels, the focus on certain sectors has proved its worth.

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