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Assignment Process for Interim Managers

We don’t leave anything to chance in selecting the appropriate candidate for client inquiries. Not only professional skills are taken into account, also personal impressions and experiences of former projects play a role in the selection process for the right “Management Angels”. This way we can not only offer the client recommendations regarding the professional expertise of the candidate, but also give an optimal recommendation of which Interim Manager best “fits” the corresponding appointment.

The process of procurement is carried out in an absolutely confidential manner. Your CV is anonymously transmitted to the client. We accompany you to interviews and assume the contract negotiations. Together we pursue the goal of securing an adequate and exciting project.

In case of success, the contract structure is shaped as follows: The Management Angels conclude a consultancy agreement with the client and a corresponding consultancy agreement with the Interim Manager.

The professional support of our pool does by not end by far with the acceptance and procuration of mandates. Also during ongoing projects we support our “Management Angels” in diverse concerns and we are both at the Interim Manager’s and the client’s command to function as a “shadow manager” at any time.

The average duration of a project lies between three and twelve months. A lot can happen during this period. The assignment of tasks adjusts. The main investor bailed out. The company consolidates with another business. Our work doesn’t end with the signing of contracts. We also support our clients during the assignment. We gather information. We assume the management of receivables. We mediate if necessary. Because it is our task to collectively analyse and react to the situation.

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